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Pineapple NANO connectivity issues


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I recently ordered the WI-FI Pineapple NANO and I was very excited to get it a week ago.

I am new here so I may have some pretty dumb questions but please be patient with me.

Wi-Fi Pineapple is currently configured exactly like in  the "WiFi Pineapple NANO: Windows Setup" and I am working on a Windows 10 machine.

Couple of questions:

1.       When I disconnect it from the USB port and after few hours reconnect it, it seems to lose its internet connection. When I open the Network Settings on my windows machine everything seems to be configured correctly, the sharing stays the same, the Wi-Fi Pineapple stays with same IP as it should (, BUT there is no connectivity to the internet when I press the "Load Bulletins from wifipineapple.com", it shows that it's not connected.

So I go back to the Network Settings and disable and enable the sharing again, then the IP address of the Wi-Fi Pineapple changes back to 192.168….. and I change it back. And only then it's connecting to the internet with the same check of the Load Bulletins connection. So my first question is that an expected behavior? Should I reconfigure the network settings every time I connect the WiFi Pineapple to my PC?

(I did try to reset the device didn’t seem to help very much).


2.       I followed the WiFi Pineapple Premier video, and did all the Recon, Filtering , Enabling PineAP, adding something to the PHP template in configuration. Seems to me that I've done every thing correct but when I try to connect to one of the SSID's that the Wifi Pineapple creates, sometimes its unable to connect at all and sometimes its connecting but there is no internet connection! SO I was wondering maybe I am doing something wrong ? any advice ? (when I use open network I do see clients that I filtered connected in Dashboard).


3.       Is the Wifi Pineapple good only for open network ? because as I understand (if I got it right) there should be an option to create a fake SSID of a secured AP so that this SSID will show as an open network and clients can connect to it (I don’t know If I should deauth the clients first so they will be able to connect to my fake SSID but I tried it and it didn’t work).





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