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nmap log location error


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Hi guys!

Just got my first LAN Turtle today! I'm very excited to get it all configured and ready to go! I have wanted a simple device to provide me remote access to various work sites, and this has the added bonus of all the pen testing stuff being included as well!

I've run into one issue right off the bat and on the first thing I tried to do and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and knows the solution.

I updated the device right after I plugged it in. After that process went smoothly I wanted to try a simple nmap ping scan of my home network. So I installed the module, and set the configuration options. However, when you try and select 'log location' nothing happens. The screen sort of flashes registering the key press, but it doesn't bring you to the log configuration. Nothing happens. I am also getting a 'uci: profile something error' not exactly sure because it flashes by pretty quick. Any idea how to fix the menu so I can set the log location? When you try and run nmap without it set, it of course says "log location not configured". Alternatively, where is the file so I can just set the log location without the menu?


Thanks in advance


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