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HALP us Free Da WiFI

Kapu Lanai

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Alright. :wink: 

Free WiFi folks. I believe in tesla's dream. However free isn't free. If you are on reading this post and don't understand that. Then move along. 

Building a wireless mesh for public access is rather complicated when commercial interests are involved. 

I just happen to live in a place where...idk...somewhere around 90% of the population doesn't get concepts like tech or even medical (though honestly medical these days ain't even straight up). Now 10% of the taxable population pays for well most everything the 90% can't afford. Ya know? No complaints life is good. 

But if I was taxed a tiny bit less...a fair bit less...I could be funding free WiFi all over da place. 

But the people here are afraid. And the political hoops abound. So...this is what is up. 

I want to maintain zones of WiFi in my state and sell ads to local businesses. Nope. I don't want to pay business for their access. I want to mount my units on public property without paying any fees. Offer the public a basic WiFi service and community hub landing page. I'll buy equipment, maintain the network and sell the ad stock.  While providing everyone with a little bit of service, local business who desperately need this advertising to boost revenue through promotions.

If anyone wants to help email slam the representative(s) please pm me. Something is being organized right now and if y'all want to put forward any initiative to do this in your state. Please PM to join the cause. We will be mounting petitions, email slams and other various campaigns to FREE the WIFI!!!

Tesla is probably tearing up 

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