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rootfs keeps filling up


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Hey guys,

I'm having a lot of fun with both the Tetra and the Nano.

There are a couple of issues I have with the Tetra :-

- With PineAP running (no associations), over an extended period of time the file system (rootfs) fills up and I have to factory reset.  I still haven't found out what's filling up the file system.

- When I try to factory reset (see above) via the GUI or by holding the reset button, it doesn't actually do anything.  I have to ssh into it and run the 'firstboot' command and reboot.

- Occasionally, but not always, in logging if I select 'remove duplicates' and hit the 'apply filter' button, it doesn't actually remove duplicates (i.e., it doesn't do anything).

- In logging, if there are a LOT of log entries, I get an html error where the logs should be.

- When I return to the PineAP configuration page, even though I have 'log probes' & 'log associations' enabled, the buttons show clear, even though they are still enabled.

- In 'reporting' setting up email reporting doesn't work.  I forget the error, but it's something like 'mail not found: -25' or something like that.

And I have a feature request:

- Even though the Tetra has a lot of internal storage, I'd like to see a simple method for formatting and using a USB flash drive for extended storage, much like the way SD cards are formatted on the Nano.  Sure, I can use gparted to get the USB flash drive ready and update fstab on the Tetra, but I'm lazy.

Thanks guys.  I love the show and I love the Pineapples.






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