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Kali 2.0 / metasploit


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Hi everyone. I've successfully installed an APK on my android phone and have a meterpreter session connected. I can run all of the commands just fine, but for some reason, dump_contacts doesn't work. I get the error: "Error running command dump_contacts: Rex::TimeoutError Operation Timed out." I've tried this on two different android phones, one rooted, one not rooted, and both have the same result. I tried going into the config files and changing any timeout fields I saw to a higher limit, but it didn't make a difference. Is there a reason why dump_sms works as well as all of the other commands, but dump_contacts continues to throw this error?



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I have the phones setup on a WAN with a persistent script in the background to run the apk in case the session dies. Is there a way to intercept incoming and outgoing calls/SMS messages through meterpreter, or any other tools? I'd like to see if I can forward all of the SMS and CALL activity to KALI to be able to view it, sort of the cloning the phone through KALI.



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