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i have discovered that overclockers.co.uk do not approve negative product reviews, whereas ebuyer.com do! What do you guys think about this, seems like if you're gonna let people review you have to accept every valid review, dont you?

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Overclockers.co.uk are a terrible company and I recommend everyone to stay well clear of that boat.

Of the few times that I have had to unfortunatly deal with them this have always gone sour.

They have sold me a graphics card falsly advertised on their website with different ram and when recently i had to have my hard drive replaced as it had become defective I had a month long battle with them and Maxtor over who was going to replace it, when they finally took it back it took 3 months and a lot of phone calls to finally get them to ship a replacement one to me.

I know they censor their forums very heavily and it doesn't suprice me that they censor the reviews as well.

I find Scan.co.uk to be the best computer component e-seller around at the moment, having excellent customer service and very range and prices. An old favourite as well is Dabs.co.uk.

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