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Cannot reset factory setting or recover web interface by any method!


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So I have never had this particular problem with the pineapple(mark5), but after last infusion download,(which took the majority of my internal memory...?>small microSD) I have been unable to get the infusions to display in the browser. I know what most say is to make sure you have disabled all add-on's and extensions and such. Done it did it even ran it in safe mode using "iceweasel". I have tried several other browsers on several different machines and OS's still same thing, no displayed infusions. I have login page and can pull recon up like other's have been able to do yet still nothing. I have tried to look for solutions from ssh CLI approach only to fall short as "busybox" and "pineapple" offer no solution to get to the configuration tile>advanced>reset option. Does anyone here have an alternate solution to this problem? I can't be the only one running into this as I see a lot of others running into this problem but no real solution is posted on this forum other than check your browser add-on's, again I have exhausted that approach fresh idea's or solution's would be greatly appreciated!!

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Sorry forgot to add info that I have tried both DIP configurations for "factory reset" and "web interface recovery"!!!! I successfully pulled off a factory reset by DIP switch before I download the infusions. Since then I have been unable to get DIP switches to work as they should instead of the flashing lights when you factory reset I get normal boot up and no factory reset on web interface in fact it acts as if the DIP switches are set normally=strange?

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