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Rouge AP witht TETRA problems


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I have just received my Pineapple TETRA and started to fiddle around with it to use it as a rouge access Point. Since I am a Noob my question might seem dumb, so please forgive me.

My setup:

A WiFi network with WPA2-security, hidden SSID and a couple of different clients that I want to lure into my Pineapple. WiFi only accepts clients based on MAC.

Pineapple up and running, i find the clients and the WiFi-network (SSID after a while) using PineAP.

Deauth is working, but the clients will not connect to my rouge Pineapple WiFi. Rouge WiFi created by Pineapple has the same name as the actual WiFi, but of course the rouge one produced by the Pineapple is OPEN, the original i WPA2.

Is that why i does not work? Is the client just searching for the Wifi with the correct SSID and that it should be WPA2? If that’s the case, can this be achieved by doing something different on the Pineapple?

After a while I even tried it by disabling the "original" WiFi, leaving only the rouge one, but the client only connected after actively choosing it on the client, to automatic connection was established.

At all times, the clients in question where in closer proximity to the Pineapple the to the "original" WiFi router.

Any ideas anyone, or am I just way off here?


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