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trouble getting modules due to sharing connection


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I know it has to be something simple. I did the initial setup with the upgrade-1.0.2.bin. It showed complete. I also reset and did it over with the same results listed below.

I can either connect to the tetra or I can connect to my wifi extender. I cannot get the tetra to share the connection or connect to the extender itself.

I have run run wp6.sh with the guided option a couple times after failing at a manual. I logged into the tetra through the management AP using my desktop - while my laptop was / is online through the wifi extender. The laptop is the one I ran the shared connection setup on.

I have no internet through the tetra. I am using FireFox for my testing. If I connect directly to my laptop, my wifi connection drops. If I am connected with my laptop and connect to the management AP using my desktop, there is no internet connection.

Oh yeah, the operating systems I've tried: BackBox 4.5, ParrotSec (doesn't have FF so I used IceWeasel), Mint 17.3

***everything is updated***

My laptop boots to: BackBox, Win8.1pro(microshart for school), ParrotSec, or Mint

Desktop boots to: Suse42, BackBox, or CAINE

Old laptop that I haven't tried yet: Kali-rolling, Mint, or ParrotSec

Any thoughts before I figure it out would be appreciated.

Later ........................

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I figured out the answer already and it matches my forum name :P > too many OS updates had/s my brain scrambled

The quick work around is to plug directly into the wifi extender - other than that PAY ATTENTION (which is a bit of a challenge with a 2yr old running around disconnecting my 5h!t and pulling eq off a table when I walk in another room)

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