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We must type faster!

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You can stop around 1:15 :)

So I realize that the Rubber Ducky is already typing fast... And this is wonderful.

I'd really like to be able to type in base64 encoded binary files directly into powershell (like invoke-mimikatz) without having to reach out to the internet. As the ducky types approximately 1000wpm I determined it would take about 4 hours to fully type the script I'm playing with.

I've been researching usb Human Interface Devices a little (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_human_interface_device_class) and it appears that on mice there is a polling interval of about 1khz. This means that a mouse is being sampled about 1000 times a second.

What is the limitation on the speed of the Rubber Ducky? Is the key rollover limitation of HIDs or the polling interval of the keyboard itself? Is there a way to increase the speed of data entry from the ducky via changes to the OS or the firmware on the ducky?

This is more a general question than a request for a modification. I've looked through the forums and didn't find anything that relates directly to my question. If anything, questions about speed said that the ducky was already too fast! So just hoping that someone might be able to help me understand what's going on!

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