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Havoc Drone Project

Kapu Lanai

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Hey everyone,

Last September I started to build a balsa drone. The idea was to get a reliable drone that could do fixed flight and long range. Well unfortunately I fell short of that goal on the design I'm sharing today. Although this is a twin engine electric, my best estimate for max flight time with this is about 40 minutes.

Havoc Drone - Body, Frame, Wings, Nacelles - Pre-assembly

My work space is a mess. However the leading edge on the left wing is nearly finished. It required hours of hand sanding so far and there still is the right wing left to taper. Once fashioned the nacelles will nest each of the dual esc and motors; 1450kv, 14.5amp max draw.

Havoc Drone - Fuselage - Pre-top/bottom/sides

Almost hard to make out due to my under-par camera work here. But the fuselage is visible. This is where the batteries will be laid on top of the floor panels. I've yet to determine what exact battery will be used here. But it will need to be efficient and create the center weight. Then a pixhawk should fit in perfectly the two inch gap, hopefully without much modification. There will be two servos and this will not be using any ailerons. Flight will be two dimensional and the wings are meant to glide to some degree. It will be interesting to test the airframe soon. There will be a small camera in the front for fpv and one below controlled by the pixhawk. Due to weight and energy these will not have gimbal mounts.

Havoc Drone - Wing - Pre-Finish

It took 8 hours to near this wing to completion. In the end it will look like the first picture of the A-20G Havoc design it is modeled after some modifications.

In the end, I have a second drone that is hybrid/glider that with a little effort can be made to host swappable payloads. But I won't be able to have the resources to complete that project until mid next year. Both drones are being filmed and I'm trying to create a documentary about some of the future possibilities drone use has for everyday uses and commercial applications.

Edit: Looking for ways to communicate PixHawk to WiFi Pineapple Nano. Either as apossible payload for Havoc or Gemini Build based on Bearospace Industries Gemini V2. I've thought maybe a raspberry pi might do the trick. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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