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Mk5 WPS not creating output


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Hey guys,

I have been really busy lately and for about the last year or so have not had the time to really play with my MK5 very much. Yesterday I got a crazy hair and booted it up. The firmware was so old i had to re-flash which was easy enough. Right now I am on 2.4.0. I enabled wps on a old dummy router I had and wanted to check out the WPS infusion. It ran for about 4 hours which for reaver sounds about right. When i check the logs it is completely empty. The log file was created and in the tile i can see which log file it was but there is no text in it and it is 0kb. Are these infusions not supported anymore or does anyone have an idea as to why this would hoped WAS infusion is version 2.1. I remember with air-crack there was a -VV option for a very verbose output but could not find it in the infusion.

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