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First let me go into my setup before I launch into my questions.

1. I currently have one static IP into my home

2. Routing is handled by a pfsense box

3. My main server which is a 4770K with 32GB of memory. On it, I am running xen server.

4. On the xen server I have 5 copies of Debian 8 running. (2 DNS, 1 Web, 1 DB, 1 Mail)

5. I have a domain hosted by domain.com with all the records pointing to my static IP

My questions revolves around port forwarding, and DNS.

1. I keep reading that my domain name should be diffrent for my home network vs. the public domain name. Does this actually matter much?

2. Should I setup any of my port forwarding? I was under the impression once I take my DNS servers live, it will route the traffic as needed...as long as all my records are correct, again correct me if my understanding of this is wrong.

3. My mail server will also be running RoundCube for a webmail interface. Because all my records on domain.com point to just one static IP, do I need to setup some sort of alias on the DNS server so that when you go to lets say https://webmail.xxxxx.xxxit points to my mail server?

The answers to these questions will greatly help in my future projects and answer the many other questions I have for the current one. If there is also any guides that anyone would suggest, that would be great.

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