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Looking for an infusion developer to work on contract for a research project


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I hope I'm posting this in the right place. This forum looks to be the most active with developers of infusions.

I’m doing a proposal for an interesting research project in which I plan to use a Pineapple. From my initial evaluation of the device, I believe it could work well for the intended goals of the project. However, I haven’t found the exact behavior I’m looking for in either the basic Pineapple Mk V, or any infusions I’ve been able to read about.

With this in mind, if you are an infusion developer, I’m interested in speaking with you about the possibility of hiring you on contract to develop an infusion (or maybe more than one, if necessary) to do some fairly simple things, for a specific purpose. I could also use your expertise with making sure I’m configuring the research device in its optimal configuration.

It's also possible that the Pineapple may not work as I want for this project; in which case, I may look at doing some DD-WRT or Open-WRT customization with some COTS hardware. So, any experience in this area would be helpful, as well, but not necessary at this point.

I can only discuss the requirements and proposed details of the project (including your fees) if we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. The first thing I want to do is confirm the feasibility of the project.

If you’ve developed at least one infusion before, understand all the functions and features of the Pineapple, and can commit some time for doing development and support for my project, please contact me via personal messaging.



P.S. Sorry if this should have been posted elsewhere. Just let me know and I'll use the appropriate forum.

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