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Getting email from rubber ducky


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I used the script generator and added my email information for the information to be sent to my email....plug ducky into target machine and I get no email.....I have double checked my address and password both are correct....anyone have any ideas for me? if i send the information to the usb will it be in a notepad or how will it be put on the usb (im assuming they mean the usb = rubber ducky)...Basically my question is how can i get the information requested using the generator

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Are you using GMail? If your answer is "yes", you need an extra step: allow access from less secure application in the account settings. Otherwise, check the target's firewall rules

I am using Gmail. What is exactly what I need to do?

Override filters? I have looked at all of the settings in gmail and I cannot find anything that is close to "allow access from less secure application"

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