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Domain trusts for external exchange domain

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Ok so I have inherited two domains, one domain runs active

directory services that all of the workstations are joined to (domainA), the

second domain hosts exchange (domainB).

After signing in on a computer in domainA we have to authenticate

outlook with domainB to get email.

The end result, I would like is to be able to authenticate

with domainA for email but have it load the profile as if it was domainB. I can

create a one way trust from domainB to domainA but Im not sure how to fool

exchange into believing DomainA\user1 is DomainB\user1. I've messed around with

Authenticate as permissions on domainB but that doesnt seem

to work correctly. I don’t want to mess

with full access permissions on exchange as that would cause issues.

I havent had any problems getting the trust functioning correctly, just the windows/exchange user side of things.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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