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change the keyboard language

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Please help as I can put into English language keyboard to perform the script. It was found 2 languages English and German, and what language is selected I do not know

you will have to speak better english than that if you want someone to help you. I don't know what you are asking.

what language do you want to change to?

use duckencoder to change the language.

for usa the command is:

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l us

for canadian:

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l ca

for uk:

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l uk

for german, i think it might be but not sure:

java -jar encoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin -l gb

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Just to be sure, previously it seems as if you have the new Rubber Ducky. Using the java encoder isn't possible in that case (well, perhaps if you stick to DuckyScript 1.0 features only). If you, however, actually have the classic Ducky, then use version 2.6.4 instead. In any case, the Java based encorders are more difficult to find since they aren't supposed to be used anymore. It's either payload studio or the JSEncoder (that makes it possible to use a language file).

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