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is there a release date for os fingerprinting?

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Karsten Nohl didn't release his BadUSB firmware for a good reason in my opinion.

I am coding the same thing at the moment however I am respecting Nohl's opinion and am not releasing it to the public when it is finished.

OS Fingerprinting is too powerful and can be abused a lot more than twin duck or any other firmware.

I will only share it with a few friends...

Besides, I have not bought a rubber ducky yet. I am ready to code it now though!

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If there is interest in OS auto detection we could get crowd funding going for this. It will help me finish it much sooner!

The BadUSB capabilities should bring new life into it.

I will only accept 4 or 5 people into the project and you will agree not to share the documentation or firmware with anyone.

The worst people and biggest agencies probably already have this, but this should not be accessible to the average joe and everyone else!

I will need around 200-240 euros for this project. (56 euros for the rubber duck + shipping and 150 euros to get me through the next two weeks). Once the 200-240 euro target is reached I will not accept any more people.

I have a lot of free time in these next two weeks, but I am looking to finish this in one week!

If you are interested reply here and PM me so I can provide you with more info about the project.

(P.s I will not trade my code for payloads so please stop asking me that in PM

:) )

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