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wireless probes custom sniffer with scapy

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I've implemented a mark V+airodump to sniff the wifi enabled devices inside a big room. I'm using the information gathered to calculate the # of people inside this room at any given time. (I analyze and dump to a db the csv files generated by airodump)

My problem comes from the fact that airodump csv files sometimes do not reflect correctly the first time and last time a probe has been transmitted by a device, also they just show the last transmitted power detected of each device (you can't see how the power fluctuates with the time).

Besides this issues, the csv files also include the information of nearby access points + devices detected and when you have a large number of devices or access points, processing this csv file is a little bit resource intensive.

I'd like to know if there's any other tool where I can get the information of the sniffed probes in the same format used by Meraki's routers (they provide an api where you can get the info of the probes detected by the router and dump it directly to a db without any ETL process). They follow the next format:

"deviceID":"UUIDofTheAP",<-you can define it using an external cfg file
"mac":"mac address of the device detected",
"timestamp":"timestamp when the probe was transmitted",
"pwr":"transmitted power detected",
"ssid":"name of the ssid the device was looking for" <-if present
Having this info directly posted to a server using POST would be great, otherwise just having a plain text file with the json would resolve my problems.

I've been looking in the scapy documentation but I don't know if is possible to develop something using python+scapy to get the probes in the way I need them.

Any guidence would be really appreciated.

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