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EasyTether Infusion request/question?


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I use an app called easy tether on my android phone that allows me to tether my phone for free. In order for this to work I download the app on my phone and then on what ever computer i'm on I need to install a driver. I was hoping when I purchased my pineapple that it might just work without a driver but didn't really have my hopes up on that. I was curious how hard it might be to port the driver into an infusion and if there were already posts about making infusions or tutorials. The easytether driver already works for linux so I'm hoping by looking at the driver installer I might get ideas on how to make it run on the pineapple.... Well I looked and it seems the installer is in Binary so that's probably not an option for my skill set. If it can't be done I'm thinking I might run easytether on a raspberry pi but i'd rather have one device and not two if I can help it. Thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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