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YouTube RSS Woes


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Hello all,

A long time ago, I fell off the Hak5 wagon, and stopped watching. Now, I'm back, and ready to soak up all that I've missed. The only problem is that I'm pretty well dug in with gpodder as far as my podcast viewing/listening goes, and I can only get Hak5 itself through an RSS feed. Metasploit Minute, TekThing, and Threat Wire don't show their own RSS links, except for YouTube.

Don't get me wrong. I watch stuff on YouTube. Well, sometimes. But I want to grab the episodes by show and throw them into gpodder. Since YouTube has removed their RSS feed links in favor of OPML, I can get all the shows, but it's all under one big feed and doesn't separate them at all. This is, to put it bluntly, a nightmare to sort through. It doesn't even show where each episode came from in some cases.

I've done about an hour's worth of Googling, and could probably get it figured out in 2 or 3 more, but I figured I would appeal to the community for suggestions or tips on how I can try to get this set up. Thanks in advance.

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I was just watching hak5 when they announced that Threatwire was back and i too went hunting for a feed, i came across your post so i thought i would let you know what i found.

All videos via `channel_id`


All videos via `user`


Threatwire playlist via `playlist_id`


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Glad i could help, some google fu and a little tinkering with the api docs.

I did not find any reference to this data source in the docs though, found someone asking on stackoverflow about user rss feed and i figured it out from there.

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