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Reverse Shell Questions


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Hello, I just have a few questions about using a reverse shell payload with the rubber ducky. Since I am not familiar with powershell, I will be using the reverse shell code from ducktoolkit.com.

My questions:

1. If the user restarts their computer, will the reverse shell still work? If not how can I make it still work after a reboot?

2.Is it detected by any antiviruses ?

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1. Afraid not. What you're after is persistence. There are a huge myriad of ways to gain persistence though once you have a shell. I'd suggest reading through these: https://isc.sans.edu/diary/Wipe+the+drive+Stealthy+Malware+Persistence+Mechanism+-+Part+1/15394. They have what are probably the easiest ways to keep persistence going.

2. Unfortunately, a binary like this will probably be detected by most antivirus. The VirusTotal report currently says that 25/57 AV vendors will recognise it as malicious.

Report: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/413d54659bc768f8df22344db3aa2164e98096f367cc7baa41f8f748c0fede21/analysis/1428692100/, so it doesn't look so good...

A general thing to keep in mind is that if you write your own binary, or even generate one from metasploit (not a meterpreter executable, they're always picked up) you stand a much better chance of if not being detected. Just don't upload them all the VirusTotal, that just increases the chance of detection. (It didn't matter in this case because it's already heavily detected..)

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