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Looking for someone to ship a few small items from USA to AUS


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Hi all.

Im trying to find someone who lives in the US that would be interested making a couple of dollars by letting me get a few things shipped to your US address and then forwarding it to me in Australia.

I have a few knives / multi tools that Id like some parts for. From what I can work out it will be better for me to buy new knives etc. The problem is that I cant import them into Australia anymore because Customs are d1cks.

The work around is to have someone disassemble them and send them in seperate packages as parts.

The things im trying to get are legal in the US and are also legal to possess in Australia in my state.

All costs would be paid by me and any risk of loss or being confiscated by customs is my own.

If anyone is keen let me know and we can discuss it further.



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