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[Academic] DDoS Attacks & Security Breaches on a Business / Corporation


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Hi Guys,

Firstly, not sure if I'm posting in the correct place, I'm new here as you can probably tell. If it's the wrong thread, or you know where they can be posted in order to get more responses, would be great if you could help me!

I'm currently doing a project for University and I'm trying to find Networking professionals who have job backgrounds (which is really becoming really hard right now) and it's due in on the 1st of April, unfortunately!

I have a survey which needs filling out in regards to DDoS'ing and Internet Security within a business or organisation.

I need to gather primary research and produce a case study based on the information I receive, so kinda determines my grade hugely.

If you could spend around 10 minutes (max) filling in this survey:

It'd be greatly appreciated!



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