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help please: Reaver\wifite WPS timing out at 26%


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0:00:00] initializing WPS PIN Attack on Test_Me

[3:47:58] WPS attack, 3033/3362 success/ttl, 27.61% complete (4 sec/att)

[!] unable to complete successful try in 660 seconds

[+] skipping Test_Me

Running Wifite under Kali (live USB Persistance). I'm testing my own AP using Wifite on the WPS. It runs for almost 4 hours and stops. I get to 27% this time, previous attempt was 36%.

So, (1) Understanding Wifite uses Reaver, I can't find the saved pin file @ usr>local>etc (nothing there)

(2) Could someone advise how I can continue from the 27% completed? either in wifite or Reaver?

(3) how can I make Wifite/Reaver run longer that 3:47:00?

Any help would be appreciated.



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