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Constant lockups & headaches


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Latest v2 firmware MKV and man if this thing does not freeze up when trying to do scans using either built in radios or even the Alfa. I'm starting to wonder is this a hardware issue or a firmware issue? Is anyone else getting continual unresponsive need to pull AC power and restart their MKV?

Aside from what could be a hw or firmware issue, I don't like giving up on things but I am starting to agree with others unless I have a bad unit are these really just tinker toys that really don't work as well as the few videos I've found? Has anyone else seen actual video of a pineapple performing a working end-to-end MITM attack? In the days I've spent screwing around with this pineapple, in a hour I spun up a kali VM and I can find literally dozens of videos of actual end-to-end MITM with backtrack and kali, only some brief vids w pineapple. The pineapple "university" is an awesome idea, but unfortunately does not have a single video showing a simple start to finish karma+dnsspoof as example, heck even karma+urlsnarf and with the client mode hardware bug taking that long to pinpoint I am just curious how many can raise their hands and say other than partial proof of concepts that their pineapple can actually perform a full penetration test using the infusions and GUI?

I would love to see a single video of someone configuring their pineapple all the way to showing a victim computer compromised - maybe I'm just missing it when I search any help greatly appreciated and something I can compare step by step with my MKV and this Firmware version to see if perhaps I simply need to roll back firmware or ?

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