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Can't make first connection to setup.


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Just got my pineapple today and I'm sure people post this a nice amount about this topic, so please forgive me in advance. Searched the threads and no solution worked for me.

What I did:

- Unboxed

- Connected to pc and power outlet

- Waited 10 mins.

- Tried to access (in all browsers even clear cache, etc...)

Didn't work

After that:

- Tried to ping the address

Didn't work (100% lost)

- Connected directly to router to provide internet access.

- Was able to connect the the AP (Pineapple5_3DDD)

- Tried to access (from my mac and pc)

Didn't work

- Tried to do a factory reset ( even though its brand new ) from http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Factory_Reset

- Let it reset,

- Powered off

- Put pins in default

- Powered on and waited 10 mins

- Tried all of the above scenarios

Nothing worked (same results)

Not sure what to try now. Any suggestions and/or help would be really appreciated.

Ideally I would like to have the pineapple stand alone (connected only to the router) and access the web-ui from there. That is possible, correct?

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