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Hi hackers, could you please help a noob, I only want to use the setoolkit for external networks so i can link my mates with a link that setoolkit creates but I can only access it on my local network. Im a cert3 I.T student and need expert advice please tell me in detail what the steps are precisely to forward my port from my routers external public address which is classA i live in Australia where we use BIGPOND as our ISP and a Technicolor t587nv3 modem/router i read on this forum that i need to do some port forwarding and use something called no-ip + kali forwarding, but its very vague and i got no actual instructions steps that I can follow, but i checked it out and fiddled and couldnt figure it out so I undid the forwarding and undid the no-ip stuff could you please help me out with this guys I'm desperate to get it working so i can prank my mates so i can give em a proper external ip address shortened by goo.gle and have them forwarded to my kali virtual box thats running setoolkit im sure someone know the steps and has been in my situation.

modem/router = Thompson Technicolor T587nV3

ISP = Telstra BigPond and uses a ClassA network structured by NAT(?)

VirtualBox Ver = 4.3.12 r93733

Host OS = Windows 7 (x64)

Guest OS = Kali 1.09 Linux 3.14.5

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