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rtl_power on the MK V


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After updating my firmware I was supprised to see that rtl_power wasn't included with rtl-sdr. It has been included for some time now. Luckily after an hour of trying to cross compile it I cheated and stumbled across an ipk


​Once I got it installed it worked great. If you aren't familur with rtl_power it is a great little tool. http://kmkeen.com/rtl-power/

​I use it mostly to look at the aircraft band in my area. Now that I can remote into my pi I can take this little setup out side and <ronco> set it and forget it </ronco>. The csv files if generates can get pretty big so a larger SD card is a plus.

​Using heatmap.py and the python imaging lib is a little much for the pineapple to handle so instead I just transfer the csv files over and map them on my laptop.



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