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Proxy change in Chrome


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I am in no way responsible if you use this idea for anything illegal

I have thought of a little script that can change proxy servers in Google Chrome. I do not have my Ducky to test it out yet, and have not actually made the code yet. I have just mapped out the steps to get to Chrome, get to the options, and change the proxy server. My reasoning behind this is if you have the proxy set up to go to a computer you own, you could run SSL strip, and get usernames, and passwords to any website they go to. Anyways here are the steps in Google Chrome. I am also making on in IE. I may do Firefox as well.

1. Window+D

2. Window+R

3. String: chrome

4. Alt+F (brings up the settings tab)

5. String: S (goes to actual settings)

6. Tab (18 times)

7. Enter

8. Tab (19 times)

9. String: L (goes to LAN settings)

10. String: X (goes to Proxy settings)

11. Sting C (goes to advanced settings)

12. String: the attackers IP address

13. Tab

14. String: attackers port

15. Enter

16. Escape

17. Escape

18. Alt+F4

19. Window+D

I believe this should work, as long as you have the attack computer on the internet, and on running ssl strip.

I will be testing it out as soon as I get my Duck

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