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When Doxing...How do I find someone with less information?


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For instance, all I know is this person's username on youtube. He's one of those trose whom are of course annoying. 4Chan people are able to find information quickly by doxing but I don't understand how?

There was this one Dox for an obvious troll who screams out troll on Youtube - whom was identified as Griffon not Dillion. Most of the youtube trolls don't even read their messages - so to get their ip address isn't any help. Also, getting someone's IP will not reveal their name just close approx of street address.

Also he called himself Dillion Prescott Henderson but that name isn't real. The Dox that came up was like someone pulled a rabbit out of the hat. He has a imgur page but when I typed in google:

intitle:"Dill With It" site:imgurl.com

The link never showed up - does this mean it's listed as private?
Perhaps the Dox was made before the troll got smart and decided to keep his real name private.

Spokeo isn't an option because I don't want to be ripped off. Pipl - I am guessing it's a hit and miss with that site. Even TinEye has some hits and misses. I kind of feel bad to call someone and pretend to be someone for the Social Engineering purposes.

How would I go about dox someone with not really a lot of information?

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