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Repost - Samsung Galaxy S passcode problem


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Hi all,

I had posted this a couple of months ago and am still looking for a solution.

I'm new to this and need some assistance please. I have a Samsung Galaxy S that I'm locked out of and amy trying to get back into. I purchased a Rubber Ducky, created the script following the easy instructions, and installed it onto the Micro SD card. When I plug it into the Samsung, I get a message that the USB is detected but nothing else happens. I also tried to simply connect a regular USB keyboard up to it to see if it was the script or something else. It too recognizes that a USB device is connected but when I type on the keyboard, nothing changes on the screen of the Samsung. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Guest spazi

Does the phone support OTG (on the go)?

You could also try using adb if you have android sdk installed and if the phone has "debug" turned on.

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Guest spazi

I just checked. By default it does not support otg which explains your problem.

Some people made otg work by installing a custom rom, but that means that the phone will be factory reset.

If there is nothing important on the phone, you could just factory reset it.

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