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CODENAME: <insert here> (Pineapple and Kali goodness ;D)


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Hey guys,

I've been playing around with the idea of making a small pwn platform with functionality of metasploit with the wifipineapple. What I have come up with is this:


It is android 4.4 with kali installed through linux deploy with a apple USB-eth adapter into the pineapple with an iframe on nodogsplash (or through ettercap-dns spoof ;D) linking to browser_autopwn. It is in the early stages but i want to either make the phone give me a notification (perhaps notify my android) to let me know when i have a shell or connect back through 3G/4G (yes I am from Australia) so i can leave it somewhere and have a not have to send everything through the network. The phone is a samsung galaxy s4, originally I cracked the screen so I used it as my play phone and then once I started building it I had the screen replaced.

I have not field tested it yet as I do not have a spare SIM card.

Any thoughts ideas or critisisms are welcomed. Also I would be interested If anyone else has attempted this.

Disclaimer: I use this setup to test computers which I own and I use it as a proof of concept


p.s. First post so if I broke any rules I appologise

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Guest spazi

Looks very nice!
C3PBRO, Linux Deploy is an app that downloads and installed an ISO like Kali or Debian or whatever.

You can then just use the terminal or log in over VNC if you want a GUI.

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