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Run Android from a Live USB stick.


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Ok, got this figured out the other day and wanted to share.

First, download Android x86 RC2 and burn it to a CD/DVD. Next, format a USB stick(8GB is the size I used) as fat32. Now, boot to the Live CD/DVD and arrow down to the install selection, install the USB stick and give it a second to be seen by the system then hit "enter" to do the install. Select the USB stick from the menu of drives to install to, don't format it(you already did it earlier so no need to do it now) and do the install. Use at least the 512MB of space to save your selections or you can max it out at 2047MB(I did, why not, I have the space) then continue with the install. After install reboot and pull the USB stick and CD/DVD before it can do the actual reboot.

Shut down your computer, plug in the USB stick and boot to it.

Remember, this Op System is set up for touch like you'd have on a smart phone or tablet so your mouse pointer will be your "finger" for scrolling and stuff. Also, it's tap to click with the touch pad so that's something you'll need to get use to. Once you're booted in and have got your wifi up and running and your Google + account info installed (you DO have a Google + account, don't you? LOL) then you can download apps from the Play Store and do stuff just like it was on your smart phone or tablet. Upper right of the screen is where there's a drop down that you'll click and pull down for settings and stuff. Brightness is there as well and isn't set up to full brightness out of the box so you'll have to do that so you can see stuff.

Now you can enjoy Android on your computer as well as your smart phone and tablet. I have a couple OBD II apps installed on my USB stick that I can use with my adapter so I'm "good to go" for reading codes and clearing them as well.

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