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Airbase-ng works an newer devices

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Hi guys

Tried to find the answer here many times but without luck. This ist my last shot.

I know that the wlan1 is not intended for that, but PRO's:

Wlan1 can go up to 30dBm while wlan0 is locked on 18dbm

Airbase-ng gets more clients as Karma (iphones, androids)


i edited wlan1 from "manaed" to "monitor" /etc/configuration/wireless

i start airbase-ng: airbase-ng -E /listofessids -P -C 30 -c 11 wlan1 (creates the interface at0)

And till here all works. Phones are seeing the AP, Airbase assiociate the phone with the AP.

But dnsmask arent seeing the phone. As i understand with the pineapple configuration, dnsmasq are serving dhcp to all interfaces in the "lan" domain.


phone -> wlan0: hostapd shows association, dnsmasq gives ip to br-lan

phone -> at0: airbase shows association. dnsmask is doing nothing

In /etc/configuration/wireless i can only define on which domain phy1/wlan1 is ->lan

But since at0 is "emulated" by airmon-ng i cant set the domain in /etc/configuration/wireless.

Also by adding at0 to the br-lan bridge it doesent help.

dnsmasq are not "seeing" the devices on at0

Maybe thats not the error, if someone has an idea, plz share it.

the script looks like this. You can try it and see the difference :)

pineapplekarma start

airbase-ng -E /root/essids -P -C 30 -c 11 wlan1

ifconfig at0 up

brctl addif at0


A workaround is to start airbase-ng with the mac from the wla0. So the phone can see the AP of at0, but connects to wla0 where dhcp works

What i else tried:
add at0 to a new interface in /e/c/network

edited in /e/c/dhcp that the new interface get dhcp

maybe i messed up, but it didnt work

Ifconfig at0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask (i entered different IP's

And hell yea, im desperate :)

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