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im sorry but ive downloaded the windows 7 mac address changer but dont know how to use it! can someone please help me to understand and use this software? im willing to make a small donation to anyone who helps me use this software! rsvp. thank you.

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Guest spazi

Most people on this forum probably use linux more than windows. However, there are many mac changer programs on the internet.
Usually you have a stock mac address and you want to change that to something random.
The mac changers for windows that I've seen usually have a "Random Mac" button you can press that changes the mac for you and that's about it.
Almost all mac changers work that way, either you choose something random or you type it in manually, which I never have.
Also you should have an option to restore to the original mac address, but usually it get's reset when you restart your computer.
Nothing more to it.

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