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Hotkeys For Windows

What to Develop For Community  

  1. 1. Which would you like me to develop first?

    • App to Encode your Payload and then Upload via OTG
    • Offline version of the Encoder so no Internet Connection is Needed to Encode

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Since I have a post on hotkeys for Android, I may as well due windows also for anyone new to the USB Rubber Ducky.

Tested 6/26/14 : Windows 8 w/ Startmenu

GUI w - Opens Settings

GUI e - Opens Computer

GUI r - Opens Run Dialog

GUI u - Opens Ease Of Access Center

GUI i - Opens Settings Sidebar

GUI p - Opens Second Screen Sidebar

GUI f - Search Files

GUI h - Share

GUI k - Devices

GUI l - Locks Computer (found this out the hard way)

GUI b - Highlights Show Hidden Icons

GUI (anynumber) - opens the program thats pinned to taskbar (ex. GUI 1 would open libraries on mine cause its first pinned)

Just like my Android Post , this will also be constantly updated, be sure to always check back for new Hotkeys and also new test on other OS's.

Upcoming Tests:

  • Windows 7

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