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SSLSTRIP & DNS Spoof aren't able to run simutaneously


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For some reason while dnsspoof is running, if I start sslstrip simultaneously my victim looses web browsing capability. Once i disable the network on wlan0 & wlan1 my victim is able to return to web browsing as usual. Unfortunately, in order to reactivate dnsspoof (after running dnnspoof & sslstrip together), i would have to perform a factory reset on the pineapple v. However, this only occurs when i try to run both sslstrip and dnsspoof togerther, when i run them separately im able to capture passwords.

Furthermore, dnsspoof does not work on certain web sites (ex: yahoo.com, hotmail.com) but works on facebook.com perfectly. Is there a certain way i need to configure the redirect.php file in order for these sites to work?

Product Info:

  • Wifi Pineapple V
  • Firmware 1.3.0



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