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Firsts steps and in trouble


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Hi everyone

I just received my pineapple but here i'm in trouble

So I followed the tutorial by hak5, everything looked great, my pineapple is updated, with the firmware on the sd ect ...

But i've a problem :

-On my computer on windows, that is connected to the router with ethernet, i connected another ethernet to my pineapple.

So : 2 ethernet, one from the "box" to computer, and another from pineapple to computer. Seemed like to work on but then when i tried to go to another website or to upgrade the firmware i had no connection.

Thinking about windows or the 2 ethernets conflicting i went to a macbook pro.

-Here i'm on my macbook pro

So : 1 ethernet, from my mac to the pineapple and my mac is connected to internet via wifi.

2 differents computers, os and ways to connect to internet. But same problem. What did i do wrong.

Sorry for my english, hope it's understandable.

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