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paystation controller that controlls a lego motor


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Yeah thats exactlly what i was thinking but i was hoping there was some other way odd that our teacher would give us a project that he knew we would fail at.

Oh and do you think i could do this with another type of controller like super nintendo controller i know he said only psx but might as well try.

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Don't know about the SNES, but almost certinly the NES controler. For the best results (although you could do this with the PSx controler as well, but it's just cooler with a NES/SNES controler) you probably just want to bypas the built in control chip and just have the wire connect directly to the buttons.

Can't say if there will be enough wires in the default cable, but arn't there like 10 pins on that thing? Thus giving you 9 buttons (out of 8) you could use?


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It might be cheating, but you could just wire one of the pots from one of the analog sticks into a circuit for controlling the speed of the motor. Not as efficient as PWM, but it would work.

Otherwise: look here and here, and try to come up with a circuit that would read signals from the data pin and turn it into something usefull.

The latter method seems a little over the top if you ask me.

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