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Meterpreter PHP reverse shell


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I have a PHP Meterpreter session opened but i cannot run persistence with this, Help Please,, Thanks !

Output :

php/php version of Meterpreter is not supported with this Script!

Is there any other way to have a persistence backdoor with a PHP meterpreter session ? Thanks

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Heya locot3,

Have you got a php multi handler setup on the server?

I found the best way to achieve this (Also can be seen in one of Mubix's videos on Hak5) is to use your meterpreter session to upload a php multi handler to the web server and execute it remotely,

EG: Upload multihandler file TROLLOL.PHP into a php directory on the web server, navigate to the php script as below, modify for correct patching etc.

As long as you have a session handler listening you can tunnel this straight out of port 80 and boom, meterpreter shell! :D

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