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Secure private network on the go


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New here, I just got my Mark V, and discovered I understood the AutoSSH thing wrong.

The purpose of buying the Wifi Pineapple was actually the opposite of its existence. I want to use it to create a private network wherever I am, and let the box connect to a public AP or mobile phone, while tunneling all traffic through an SSH (or VPN) tunnel to my home server, so the AP only sees one outgoing SSH.

And so I discovered that this isn't provided out of the box and I couldn't find any topic on it.

Given a few pointers I probably might come up with an infusion that adds this cool feature to the set. My first idea was a socks proxy as I sometimes use on a computer, but ideal would be to tunnel everything (DNS and all).

So, pointers and comments welcome ;)


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I'm finally up and running, just in time for the holiday :D

Short write-up:


The only thing I'm left to do is create a nice infusion package for sshuttle. More on that later, I guess.

The bottom line is that I'm using the Pineapple for the opposite of what it was created for, and I'm loving it.

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