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Keyboard support for AltGr

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Sorry for not intruducing myself first.

I got a liltle question that I was hoping you guys could help me to solve.

I am running the encoder 2.6.3 and while testing the es.properties in a spanish keyboard I found out the the ^ and the | are wrong.

I am able to fix the first one but no this one | as it requieres me presing the ALT_GR and the number 1. Also you can use Control + Alt + 1 but either way I don't know the name for the Alt_Gr key or the Control.

Please guys help me a bit here,

Thank you,

PS: I do know what google is and I already researched myself

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Pretty sad nobody engaged to discuss. If you dont want to go and keymap all your keyboard and you need to use @ or # or | the most easy way is to edit like this your .properties


Use: MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT, MODIFIERKEY_LEFT_CTRL to "emaulate" Alt Gr in spanish keyboard
I found out the it must be RIGHT ALT and LEFT CTRL if not I ended up with a m after @
Like @m or |m

// 64 @

Hope it helped,


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