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Not sure how many of you guys are using this stuff, but I got SGI and Sun boxen mixed in with my PCs and stuff and I have a problem relating to monitors.

OK, I got one Sun monitor, a 20in Trinitron job. I then got four SGI monitors, 19, 20 and 21" Trinitrons. To hook em up to the workstations they don't use HD15 connectors, they use this 13w3 connector which is supposed to be a cleaner picture (I can't tell the difference personally).

Anyway, the two systems, Sun and SGI, although physically identical, don't appear to be compatible. Wouldn't normally be a problem but the ONE Sun monitor I have is on its way out and I have two workstations; an old Ultra30 and a not-so-old Blade1000, both of which are about to be made headless if I can't get an SGI monitor to work with them.

I have HD15-13w3 adapters and 13w3-HD15 adapters, and most of my cables are bog-standard HD15 VGA cables. Does anyone wanna tell me how to mod the cables or adapters to get the SGI monitors to work in the Sun workstations?

Next project after that is to get Synergy running on the PC in the middle, then on IRIX on the two SGI Octane2 workstations to one side and the two Sun workstations on the other. Can it support 5 monitors? That would be sweeeeet!

Nice one for any input guys

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