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usb (tools for dos) help needed


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Hi all!

I made myself a bootable usb key

(using the hp tool (SP27213.exe))

+ the winmebootcd.img (google for it! :) )

then I deleeted the whole content of the key

(keeping the msdos.sys io.sys and command.com)

I placed the files from a regular fat32 bootdisk in there

(without the files mentionned above) and did my own


- runs ntfsdos

gets the sam + system back onto a dump folder on the key...

now here is the problem...

I found a way to do it offline

(ophcrack, load encrypted hash files) then save as to get the

equivalent of what I would get with pwdump

then I crack it with rcrack and my set of tables (see another of my posts !)

Isint there a pwdump for dos?

(or at least a samdump equivalent since I already got the

sam + system files)

Thanks all!


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thanks.. we concluded to that in the chat as well.. :)

I will update after the try

** edit: AFAIK: john is only a cracker... **

Im not looking for a cracker..

simply something to get


(kindof) format out of the SAM + SYSTEM combo..

I dont want a dictionary cracker.. im doing rainbowcracking! :) hehe

but thanks .

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