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Need help cracking a BIOS Password.


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I picked up an HP/Compaq NC4400 laptop off of EBay and it's locked down with a BIOS Password. Won't even let me boot to a USB or anything without the password. I tried removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes but that didn't work, total PITA to get to the batter too, had to pull the entire laptop apart and take out the Motherboard to get to it. I just wonder if there's a software solution to my problem or some other way to get the password off of the system? I've tried a few Back Door passwords but none of them work and I don't get a "hash" after 3 wrong tries, just a "*" so I don't have anything to crack as far as that goes. Can anyone tell me how to get this thing up and running so I can install some Linux on it. Thanks.

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Yep, pulled the laptop battery before I even started taking it apart and also pushed on the power button a couple times to drain any latent electricity out of the system. I may have to try it again but I really hate to pull it all apart again, it really is a PITA. Don't think I can use a software fix since I'm even locked out of booting to a USB stick.

If I'd at least get a hash after the 3rd wrong password I'd have something to work with but a [*] gives me nothing to work with. I guess if no one comes up with a solution in an hour or so I'll just get busy pulling it apart again and give yankin' the CMOS battery out. Oh well, I knew it has a Power On Password when I bought it, just didn't think it'd be this hard to disable.

My daughters desktop was a piece of cake, just moved a jumper and started it up then shut down and moved the jumper back and Bob's your Uncle.

Let's see if the Hak5 bunch can step up to this challenge. LOL.

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Got it whipped, just didn't leave the battery out long enough last time I guess. Also, I installed the laptop battery before I should have so that might have been another reason. Anyway, loading Kali Linux on it as we speak. Talk to ya'll later.

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