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My hacked SDR Setup

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Still learning and had to make my own antenna using my 9 dBi wifi antenna which btw works so much better than the supplied stock antenna. All I did was buy a RP-SMA connector and splice it to the original mcx connector.

Laptop running Kali Linux and using GQRX, with RTLUSB with mcx to RP-SMA connector with tp-link antenna.

For those who are trying to compile their own drivers for whatever distro you are running good luck. I have gone through Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04. I was able to install it successfully on 13.04 however there was a lot of lag and stuttering. So instead I have installed a dual boot on my hdd that includes Windows 7 as well as Kali linux and I have my sdr working on both OS. Simple and easy.





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