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*****Intercepting DNS to inject BeEF payloads with Burp*****

Skorpinok Rover

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Thanks & Credits to jeremy Driun of ( mutillidae web app ) for sharing a blog how to intercept DNS to inject Beef with burp. i personally have used burp suit many times with free version of burp there's lot more u can do.

if u have gone through hackers handbook 2nd edition. u can see the author makes extensive use of burp in detail, i highly recommend that book. first i thought burp suit is bit difficult until i followed all jeremy's tutorial of web app pentesting using burp its now one of my fav tool..

from html injection,jason injection,intruder,sniper & hackers handbook says that use of spider sometimes defaces the web ( i havent done that yet & i wont ) but i have used spider on vuln web app's like mutillidae dvwa. the results are realistic. web app is bit dificult but u need more practice. i often recreate tut's on my kali linux.




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