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Help with Pivoting/Routes in Kali


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Hey guys,

So the question I have is regarding pivots and what I'm assuming is going to come down to the 'route add' command on kali. Here's the scenario:

Attack machine = (which is assigned through tap0 from a vpn connection)

Also, the vpn connection above, automatically attaches me to a 192.168.15.* network

Target network 1 = 192.168.15.* range mentioned above.

Target network 2= 10.1.1.*

One of the machine on target network 1 has been compromised and i've pivoted through metasploit to launch new attacks at target network 2, because this compromised machine is attached to target network 2. So that's not a problem.

What I'm trying to figure out, is how to route everything through this pivot, outside of metasploit. With the MSF pivot, I can only use whats inside metasploit, as I'd like to be able to recon this new network using general means.

I tried a couple route add commands, but I'm definitely not doing it right. Any help would be much appreciated.

Just to sum up simply:

me = ---> 192.168.15.* (vpn conn on tap0)

target net 1 = 192.168.15.*

target net 2 = 10.1.1.*

need 'me' to pivot through 'target net 1' to reach 'target net 2'

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