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Mark V vs IV (Stability Increase?)


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I'm probably going to buy a Mark V. As long as the HW price stays cheap I'm happy to support and ride along.

My Mark IV, while cool to kick around, reboots during any real world use. Karma + ssldump, poof, restart. Just Karma, Restart.. No definitive dumps being generated, Usb power supply swapped, etc etc.. But no biggie.

What I'm really curious about is if people are finding the 5 to be more stable. With double the on board memory, is it leading to a more stable operation for most folks? Anyone else who had a marginal experience with the 4 and can attest to a better experience with the 5 would be good to hear from.

thank ya!

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I had the exact same concerns.

And thought well heck if the V is just as unstable it will be a good learning experience anyhow.

I went through 2 IVs and could never get it to work reliably. The V is def an improvement might just be my luck tho.

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